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International Contemporary Art Exhibition


Deadline 8 September 2024


Exhibition: October/November 2024

Venue: BLU Spazio delle Arti – via di Torpignattara 142 - Rome



BLU SPAZIO DELLE ARTI is the new space opened in Rome by RAABE APS in 2023. A cultural space where exhibitions, events, literary presentations and a busy program of long life learning take place. A hospitable, open-door place where all people can participate, exchange experiences and build dialogue, with a view to a contemporary vision of art and culture that is seamless with the real, daily lives of individuals and the communities in which they are grafted.


The common thread of BLU is upcycling, an ecological artistic (and other) practice of transforming salvaged materials and objects through the creative gesture into works, giving them back their voice but also new and other meanings. Reconfiguring a second life for an object without it undergoing further processing implies a high degree of creativity, a broad vision that goes beyond the functional figure and allows the acquisition of that added value of the work to which artistic practice contributes through the very process of transforming the original object or material.


Innovation, exploration and discovery arise from the essence of the ecological revolution that has been underway for several decades: the reuse of matter against the uncontrolled consumption of resources and against the (mostly planned) of products is now part of an ecological ethic that will increasingly have to permeate every segment of societies if humans are to secure a future on this planet.

BLU Space of the Arts is promoting an exhibition dedicated to the color that inspired its name. BLUE is the color that identifies our planet. It is conventionally the color of the seas and oceans, the waters and the sky. But BLUE is also a color dense with meanings differently declined according to different cultures throughout history.


“BLUE” is first and foremost a word. And the truth of words is a different thing from the truth of perception or physics. It is simply not about a wavelength, but about a cultural category.

(Riccardo Falcinelli, Cromorama, Einaudi, Turin, 2017 p.112)


Candidate works or art projects should decline or be inspired by BLUE - explored and interpreted as a color or metaphor or symbol or in one of its multiple meanings. Consistent with BLU's vision and mission, the candidate works or projects should be environmentally sustainable and/or eco-friendly, made from waste, salvaged, objet trouvé or natural materials (fibers, clay, etc.), upcycling and through non-polluting techniques and processes.


BLU SPAZIO DELLE ARTI will select the works and/or projects through the CALL OF PARTICIPATION open to artists over 18 years of age residing or active in the countries of the European Union that will be set up at the exhibition venue in Rome, Via di Torpignattara 142, between October and November 2024.



International Contemporary Art Exhibition Deadline September 8, 2024


“BLUE” is first and foremost a word. And the truth of words is a different thing from the truth of perception or physics. It is simply not about a wavelength, but about a cultural category.


(Riccardo Falcinelli, Cromorama)




This exhibition is dedicated to BLUE and its infinite declinations and meanings. Entries must meet the following requirements:

1. Only artists over the age of 18 may participate in the call, resident or active in EU

countries, individually or in a collective.


2. Works may be created in any technique and style - painting, sculpture, installation, ceramic, fiberart, textile art, embroidery art, mosaic, illustration, graphic art, photography, video art, AI Art, performance - as long as they are environmentally sustainable and/or eco- friendly and made through non-polluting processes and with discarded, salvaged, objet trouvé materials, upcycling, etc. or natural


3. Works must evoke or be inspired by or refer to or represent BLUE and/or to one of its declinations, interpretations, meanings


4. Works may be two-dimensional, three-dimensional, digital with a maximum limit of footprint of m.3x3x3


5. Only one work per artist or collective may be submitted


6. Applications must be received no later than 23:59 CET on September 8. 2024 by email to attaching the following documents:


    • Completed and signed copy of these regulations.

    • 1 HD photograph (jpg format, 300dpi) of the work (or sketch in case of a site specific)

    • 1 to 3 photographs of details or details of the work

    • Full caption (author, title, technique, material, size, year)

    • Synopsis (max 3000 characters)

    • Brief biography or exhibition cv of the artist (max 2500 characters)


7. Incomplete and/or missing material will automatically exclude the submission Selected works will be included in the official exhibition catalog


8. Works will be selected by a jury appointed by the Association at its sole and unquestionable judgment. Direct communication will be given to the artists selected by September 20, 2024.


9. The exhibition will be held at the exhibition venue of BLU Spazio delle Arti, via di Torpignattara 142, Rome in the month of October/November 2024. Subsequent venues are not excluded.


10. Selected works must reach BLU Spazio delle Arti, via di Torpignattara 142, Rome, from September 30 to October 10, 2024. Further details will be provided via email at the same time as confirmation of work selection.


11. While ensuring the utmost care in handling and setting up the works no coverage insurance is provided for the works in the exhibition and therefore no amount may be charged against the Space and/or RAABE aps association for any damages. BLU Spazio delle Arti and RAABE aps nor the individual contributors shall not be held in any way responsible for damage, loss or theft either during transport nor during the entire period in which the works will be in their possession. It should be noted that by participation in the call are automatically accepted all the conditions of these regulations.


12. The participating artists authorize BLU Spazio delle Arti and RAABE aps to publish by any means, including audiovisual, the data and images provided by issuing explicit consent to the processing of data in accordance with Law 675/96 and declare themselves informed of their rights under Articles 10 and 13 of the same law.



13. Unless otherwise explicitly agreed upon and subject to the possible scheduling of the exhibition in additional exhibition venues for which the artists authorize implicitly by adhering to the call for entries the right to exhibit the works again, at the end of the exhibition or the entire exhibition itinerary, the works will be available to the artists for collection, which will be their responsibility within two weeks after the closure. No costs will be charged or incurred by BLU Spazio delle Arti and/or by RAABE aps.

  1. Participation in the call is subject to the payment of the participation fee of euro 10 (ten) for secretarial fees to be paid by bank transfer:

BANK Crédit Agricole

IBAN IT95G0623003222000015039926 BIC: CRPPIT2PXXX

payable to: Associazione RAABE


The contribution is under no circumstances refundable.

Taken note of these regulations and accepted in all 13 points and in all its parts


Name Surname E-Mail MOB.










RAABE aps | sede legale: piazza Amilcare Zamorani, 4 | 00157 Roma | cf 97158790580

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